It’s important to keep things clean especially from the book end perspective. Freshbook allows you to really keep  your accounting in order. Look at the different promo codes and discount codes from this service at Omnistar Drive to help you get started. Here’s a brief Freshbooks review:

What is FreshBooks?


FreshBooks started out with humbling beginnings in 2003 when the founder and CEO, Mike, ran a small design agency. He saved for an invoice and lost his work. That’s when he came up with the idea of creating FreshBooks. The official launch of FreshBooks started in 2004 with him living in the basement of his parent’s home. He knew there was a better way to setup invoices, so what launched as a 4 person team, it grew into 200 employees (after he moved out). It has grown into a company with over 100 million users in 120 countries. It’s a good bridge between a corporate level bookend to the small business or entrepreneur looking to save time. It helps to really dig into the work you love to do while spending the least time on all the boring stuff.

It’s so important that you get the business straightened out especially when it comes to billing. While it’s not the most dynamic or fun thing to do in business, your accounting needs to be on point so you don’t get propelled in a situation where you owe someone or you find out down the line that the numbers aren’t correct. FreshBooks makes things better by securing your money in a way that’s not rocket science. Even if you aren’t an accounting expert, you’ll still be able to read the numbers on a basic level. Have you thought about using it? Luckily, there’s a free 30-day trial that enables you to get a good look into what’s offer. Below we will talk about that more.

Sign Up for FreshBooks


Not quite sold on everything just yet? Well, FreshBooks has a free trial sign up (no credit card required) for 30 days. Just put in your email and set a password. You’ll be able to get started.


You can take a small tour to see what goes on in this program and even start setting up your business. From that point, you’re going to set up all the information and get things organized to commit to your first invoice.


The key is in identifying your purpose from the name, company, and whether it’s a Corporation/LLC. Another thing to note is what kind of industry does your business take place? It’s always good to know this so you can create a custom template for your invoicing. FreshBooks is smart by providing you with a good default template that matches your expertise. When you send off your invoice to different clients, there’s no question in there mind of what you do. This saves a lot of time and effort on your part. Also, it provides a convenience to their side because you both can keep track of thing a lot more efficiently. The more direct and easier you make it for your clientele, the better you’ll create a good business relationship for the long term. Here are a couple examples of what I’m talking about regarding getting things set up in your dashboard for the template and industry:



You can begin to set everything up and send emails to different people you trust to be on your team. Additionally, you can do everything yourself. It all really depends on how you want to get everything organized from your end. With that being said, you can take a look at how your invoices will be done right in the dashboard.


FreshBooks makes it easy for your to write your first invoice. You can see everything from what’s overdue, paid, and even things in draft form. Having this simple organization will help you ensure that there are no questions asked. You get all the information you need right on the surface. You want the back and forth dialogue to be seamless so that each side of the transaction is satisfied in the way things are done. Additionally, you can keep records to show what clients are your most consistent and the ones who might be an every now and again situation.

Do you want to take things a step further and start organizing different  tasks? This is a great way to help you get your tasks out to the right people. Be that team leader who knows exactly what his starting five should look like. Get on board to set up dates and times for how things are done. You can take a brief look in the next section of how you can distribute tasks and even assign things to clients to help move things further. It’s all about working as collective to meet a common goal. Being progressive with your employees and clients will create good synergy and faith. Take a brief look below at the visual regarding projects.


Solid Features to Progress in Your Business

In any business, time is of the essence. Everything from marketing, promoting, engaging, and squaring your books can take a lot out of your day. Why not have a few areas that don’t require all of your might? What makes FreshBooks so special is the following: easy invoicing that takes less than a minute to create, organizing and tracking expenses, knowing exactly how much time you spend doing a task/project, and developing an automatic deposit right on the FreshBooks format. It’s no wonder why over 10 million people sought out this service. It really does provide excellence in the way you carry out the payment end of your business. From the functionality and the design, FreshBooks gives you the confidence to create your own accounting without having to hire someone who will charge you arm and foot to keep things together.

All in all, FreshBooks is a progressive way to make things suitable for you and your clients. You can send out all the details of the project and get paid for what you’re worth; no questions asked. Also, the client will be comfortable because you can keep close dialogue and make sure everything is in unison. Having this good dynamic between producer and consumer will take you far in your small business. If you are looking for more business ideas, please feel free to checkout what we have for wix affiliate software.