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Unlike the other software which cannot be modified or the author does not provides the right to the users to copy, change or redistribute the data to anyone for any purpose. For some software the organization, author or the team does not allow the user to modify the code, they are known as closed software.

The term open source itself indicates something which is available or accessible by every individual. Open-source software is different from the closed software; it refers to computer software having a source code accessible with a license. The copyright holder has all the rights to study, change, and redistribute this software to anyone and for any purpose. Moz is beneficial for programmers as well as non-programmers. Whether the user is using internet or mobile device Moz is helpful in both ways. Moz gets connected to the global network of computers that helps to transmit the data to the local devices like if the person has to check or send an email, chat with friends, stream music, or has to play video games, it automatically gets connected with the local devices.

Moz is useful for the users and they only prefer to have it because it can be easily controlled and modified. The parts of this software which are not needed or are not that useful can easily be changed. This software can be used as the user like to use it. It helps the programmers to become a better one and to have a better access of the online activities related to the programs. It is also helpful for the students to study what others have written as well as make changes as required. Moz provides the advantage of sharing or altering the code e.g. libre office and GNU Image Manipulation Program. In Moz the users have to accept the terms and conditions of the license provided by the author. It helps the users to add up new things into their projects as it allows modification to source code. It requires every user to provide source code when they modify it and it requires no fee for the license.

Moz has made the work easy for the remote users as they do not have to acquire physical access of the computers which are located at different places which are not easily accessible. Moz has made the work easy for the users like storing of files is no more a difficult task, sharing photos have become easy for the people staying in distant places, or watching videos online. Moz is not free of cost, the author charge for it.

Moz is considered to be more advanced, more useful, and easy to be used by beginners, professionals as well as the students. Moz is a source which shares the willingness, provides transparent ways of collaborating with others.